Blank Label Roll Specs


We can manufacture blank label rolls to meet your requirements or you can choose fom our standard range
Labels from the standard range are on a 76mm core and have an approximate overall diameter of 200mm.  
These can be be wound down onto a smaller core size and quantity for a small additional charge.

We have three standard core sizes suitable for most thermal transfer printing machines.  76mm, 38mm and 25mm.  Other core sizes are available on request.

If you are unsure of the number of labels you need on a roll please contact us and advise the label depth, core size and max overall roll diameter.  The core size and maximum overall roll diamter you can get from the machine speicifications.  If you don't know these specifications we can easily assist, just advise the make and model of your printer.

The measurement given first in all our published information and quotations is the leading edge.