Cutting Die Library

IMG 1998-673-647Our tool inventory consists of over 400 cutting dies in many shapes and sizes.
If we do not have a required size or shape in stock, please contact us.

We are constantly adding to this list and we can produce tooling to meet your individual requirements.

8x23 10x149 12x38 15x7 15x10 15x44 20x40 20x61 20x73.8 20x225 22x40 22x47 22x200 23x19 23x39 23x57 23.5x18 24x12 24x19 25x25 25x30 25x60 25x65 25x99 27x17 28x11 28x50 30x15 30x20 30x30 30x47 30x61.5 30x74 30x80 30x90 30x124.5 30x149 31x25 32x7 32x11 32x200 33x25 34x36 34x74 35x17 35x25 35x48.5 35x72 35x124.5 37x12 37x14 37.2x28 38x10 38x18 38x24 38x36 38x57 38.1x22.2 39x62 39x86.5 39x91 39x138 40x10 40x15 40x20 40x22.8 40x25 40x30 40x31 40x40 40x47 41x73 41x124 42x60 44x12 44x35 44.5x22 44.5x105.5 45x20 45x25 45x45 45x165 46x78 47x18 48x48 48x86 48x98 48.5x25 48.5x48.5 48.5x50 49x80.5 49x86.5 49x89 49x148 50x6<br /> 50x10 50x13 50x24 50x34 50x40 50x45 50x48.5 50x50 50x72 50x174 50x175 50x200 50x250 51x22 51x24 52x48 53x68 53x114 54x210 55x15 55x25 55x73 55x55 56x27 56x114 57x40 57.5x60 58x19 58x86.8 58x206 59x56 59x98

60x13 60x25 60x49 60x55 60x65 60x80 60x94.5 60x105 60x120 60x272 60.5x70 61x27 61x32.5 62x20 62x35 62x39 63x35.5 63x135 64x46 65x8 65x23 65x42 65x99.5 65x145 65x175 65x245 66x20 68x47 69x69 69x215 70x15 70x35 70x60.5 70x95 70x124.6 70x200 70x210 71x46 73x39 73x73 73x114 73x149 73x150 73x175 73.5x73.5 74x9 74x105 75x12 75x15 75x20 75x25 75x55 75x65 75x80 75x175 75x350 75.5x29 75.5x38 75.5x47.5 76x23 76x35.5 76x47.5 76x60 76x64.7 78x149 79x47.5 80x25 80x40 80x44 80x60 80x80 80x99 80x127 80x160 80x302 88x40.5 88x57 88x120 89x22 89x24 90x20 90x30 90x80 90x90 90x110 90x145 90x149.8 90x210 90x295 91x62 92x123 93x31.93 95x188 95x225 97x35 97x149 99x36 99x47.5 99x98.4 99x174 100x10 100x14 100x16 100x30 100x35 100x40 100x48 100x50

100x70 100x73 100x99 100x111 100x149 100x175 100x245 100x250 100x300 101x23 101x24 101x54 101x60 101x79 101x98 101x124.8 101x302.4 102x48 102x73 102x98 102x124 103x57 103x150 104x4 104x50 104x74 104x80 105x28 105x185 106x105.6 108x98.4 110x35 110x45 110x80 110x130 110x149 110x200 111x30 112x98 114x73 114x84 114x99 114x235 115x48.5 116x10 116x56 117x8 118x80 118x123 118x174 120x86 120x120 120x172 121x98.4 124x124 125x250 125x350 127x36 127x98.5 127x127 130x110 130x165 130x210 135x165 135x200 140x44 140x93 145x206 148x73 150x10 150x20 150x82 150x99 150x150 150x175 150x200 150x210 150x250 160x89.5 160x99 160x200 164x58 164x133 165x150 165x239 168x125 190x200 190x290 200x50 200x50 207x57 210x290 210x292 212x196 212x200 226x114 230x40 232x36

10 14 18 20 24 30 38 41 47 52 59 68 73 81 85 92 99 127 129 150 160

15x30 18x21 23x8.5 23x74 29x76 30x15 32x54 35x48 35x74 40x20 40x25 50x80 55x90 60x105 68x40 70x30 77x48 80x30 83x48.5 87x48 90x60 96x61 96x67

43x43 46x92 60x40
A4 Sheets

20x69 39x265 40x130 45x147.6 50.63x93 51x15 61x17 64x25.5 64x33.5 66x120 67x233 68x25 68x36 68x72 80x93 80x130 87x287 88x50 94x275 98x25.5 98x38 99.25x93 99x69 99x141 102x36 102x72 102x144.5 155x25 160x89.5 182x37.50 195x35 198x60 199x142.5 203x93 210x59 210x290 210x295 20Circle 44Circle 47Circle 68Circle 80Circle