Environmental Statement

We are one of the few label manufacturers in NZ that seems to care about the impact labels have on the environment. 

We offer labels that can be recycled and we are currently researching a new biodegradable/compostible material.

We opt to use PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) raw materials where possible.   Certified forests are those that have been assessed as being managed sustainably. This means that environmental, social and economic aspects of forest management have been taken into account. (Currently about 9% of the worlds forests are certified.)
We offer adhesives that are recyclable as well as adhesives that can be cleanly removed from the product along with their facestocks.  This allows for container reuse or easy separation during the recycling process.

Our thermal direct labelstock is BPA Free.  BPA is commonly used as a colour developer in thermal papers, ie; labels, cashier receipts and facsimile paper. Whilst BPA in direct thermal labels is considered by food safety authorities to pose no risk to human health, public speculation over BPA's health effects have prompted Sticky Business to use a BPA free thermal paper grade.

It is important to note that to the best of our knowledge ALL labels manufactured in NZ come on a backing sheet/liner that is not compostible, biodegradable or recyclable.  Internationally there are recycling options but this is not available in NZ at present, however it will come to NZ, we believe within the next decade.

We are often asked if we can print using vegetable inks, unfortunately we can not.

There are many methods we use to print labels and the best print process for a label is determined by multiple factors, such as size, print colour(s), quantity, desired finish and end use. Once we have determined the best process we can provide you with the relevant environmental information.

Internally we are constantly reviewing our waste management program to minimise the impact our labels and label production have on the environment.