Contact us for samples

Samples for print quality - To ensure you are happy with the print result, we can supply printed samples using your artwork once you have approved your proof.  We can do this for our thermal transfer and digiprint processes.  Due to the set up required for Flexographic printed label we can not offer printed samples using your artwork, we can however, supply printed samples from previous jobs we have done so you can get a fair indication of what the print result is likely to be.

Sample Pack to help determine print method - To help you determine which print method you would like to choose for your labels we can send a printed sample pack of all 3 print methods we offer. This will give you a fair indication of the type of printing that we do for each method.

Samples for trialing material - To ensure your labels stick, we strongly recommend you check out our 'Adhesive FAQ' page.  After considering all the facts on this page please contact us so we can advise the most suitable material.  We then strongly recommend testing a sample label in application.

When testing adhesive please apply sample to the product in the environment that the labels are likely to be applied in.  Wipe surface firmly so that all the label surface is in contact with your product.  Leave for a minimum of 24 hours, then test adhesion.